Our Culture

Diversity & Inclusion: The Core Of Our values

We believe that both diversity and inclusion are a moral imperative in today's world. The more diverse a company's personnel, the greater the opportunity for talent and expertise; which in turn leads to a successful business. At Eva's On Main we strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment for our team and our customers.  We are averse to discrimination of any kind and continually work to ensure that our team and customers are treated with courtesy and respect.


diversity + inclusion = successs



Working with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures ensures that our company attracts talented hospitality professionals. We eagerly welcome folks from all walks of life at Eva's, so whether you're interested in joining our restaurant team or dining with us, please join us y'all.



Inclusion is an ideal which is intrinsic to Eva's; it ensures that staff members feel comfortable working together, which fosters the sharing of ideas, and creates a positive work environment, as well as a pleasant dining experience for our Lowcountry residents and tourists alike.

Recipe For Success


At Eva's we believe that diversity and inclusion are two philosophies which are inherently intertwined. A diverse, inclusive, and collaborative team ensures that we provide a delicious southern comfort meal with a high level of customer service. Here at Eva's everyone is welcome!

every voice counts